ACSEP 21 October 2015

Workshop by Prof Dr Barbara Scheck: Capacity-building for social enterprises: Social impact analysis & strategy

Prof Dr Barbara Scheck, assistant professor for social investment at the University of Hamburg since 2012, was the visiting fellow at Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy at NUS Business School from September to October 2015. During the fellowship, she conducted a workshop on 14 October 2015 when 11 participants spent a fruitful morning discussing the tools available for social impact analysis and strategy formulation.

Indeed, achieving social impact is the very “reason for being” of social enterprises. The modelling of the so-called “theory of change” helps to delineate how such social impact can be achieved. At its core, a theory of change expresses an initiative or programme logic. It defines long-term objectives and then maps these backward to identify necessary resources and activities.

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to apply these frameworks to their social enterprises with the guidance of Prof Dr Barbara Scheck. Subsequently, they were provided feedback on how to improve their social impact analysis and strategy.