NUS MBA 28 March 2018

Witnessing the first fintech company get listed on SGX

Outside the classroom, the NUS MBA programme offers overseas student exchanges, student-led study trips, business case competitions and other initiatives will expand students’ horizons and international network.

Let by NUS MBA Entrepreneurship Club’s Dayan Garmaev-Randalon and Finance Club’s Nicole Jing Guo, a group of 10 NUS MBA students witnessed German Fintech company Ayondo, which specialises in financial trading technologies, successfully get listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) Catalist board.

They are the first fintech company to be listed on the Singapore bourse where Ayondo offers social trading and brokerage services to both business-to-consumer and business-to-business clients through two proprietary platforms: WeTrade and TradeHub.

At the invitation of SGX staff, Ms Mita Natarajan (Senior Vice President, Head of Services, Equities and Fixed Income) who is also an Adjunct Professor at NUS Business School, NUS alumna Ms Lynica Foo (Vice President of Investor Services) and NUS BBA Year 3 Jeffrey Chan who is currently interning at SGX, the MBA students were all excited and felt really lucky to witness this momentous achievement as part of their corporate visit to SGX.

Nicole said, “We all felt that it was a great chance to learn the capital market and IPO in Singapore, and were excited to see the huge potential of financial technologies coming to stock market, as well as the strong support from SGX on these continuously growing fintech companies in the age of digital revolution.

Besides, we learnt how digitalisation, automation and algorithms changed the whole financial industry, including banks, funds, and stock exchanges like SGX, which completed the digital transformation in 2006. This experience also let us ponder upon the future trend, our career development and how we can get ourselves prepared for the digital age.”

Dayan said, “Any entrepreneur dreams of navigating and growing his venture all the way to an IPO. Hence to our club members it was not only interesting to attend this event but also essential to raise their spirits, encourage each other to take risks and be courageous to fight the mundane. It was also very educational to learn why a European company would choose to go public in Singapore.”

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