NUS MBA 01 February 2018

Why choose NUS MBA

The NUS MBA provides an energising forum for growth and discovery that will prepare you for leadership roles in today’s competitive global marketplace. Merging East and West, the MBA curriculum integrates Western business models and leadership tenets from a distinctly Asian perspective.

Still deliberating on whether to take on an MBA, here’s what our students and alumni have to say of their experience.


Francisco Bonomi (Class of 2017)

Coming from Argentina, I chose NUS MBA because of its excellent reputation in Asia. It is a dynamic programme with a world class faculty, as well as internship, networking and exchange opportunities. It’s strategic location in Asia provides easy access to the rest of Asia.  Singapore is an exciting city, and it offers a fast-paced and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Fernando Lopez Arce (Class of 2017)

One of the most important questions you need to answer when choosing an MBA programme is: “What do I really want from it?” I chose the NUS MBA for its strong academic focus, unique faculty and other ingredients like extra-curricular activities and career development trainings. The NUS MBA is a symbol of excellence in Asia and Singapore and has been a pioneer in innovations to the MBA curriculum with elements such as the Communication Boot camp.

I’m originally from Mexico, so being exposed to the Asian context when analysing global business challenges has opened my mind to different perspectives and helped me to grow as a person. I will always remember the time in the classroom for the many friendships I forged during my time here.

Irena Huang (Class of 2017)

I chose NUS MBA for its high ranking, significant number of alumni, and accessibility to abundant job opportunities in the region. On top of that, Singapore is not far from Taiwan, so I managed to go back home every quarter, to take care of families and stay connected with my friends and contacts. NUS MBA experience and friends I made here are my lifelong memories.

Jack Hoang Nghia Tung (Class of 2018)

NUS MBA has exceeded my expectations. Located in one of the most developed and culturally diversified cities in the world, NUS has equipped me not only with the leading-edge business knowledge, but also with the deep understanding of the varied business environments across countries in Asia. The programme is truly a good start for me to build lifelong relationships with talented and humble friends from all over the world. In addition, NUS’s high reputation is also a big plus to do business in Asia. I would say that NUS MBA is a huge booster for my career and a critical step in my personal and professional growth.

Chua Thian Tat (Class of 2018)

The NUS MBA is an enriching experience in terms of self-discovery and international exposure. It has opened many doors in terms of career opportunities for me. Additionally, with the diverse class profile of multi-national and multi-cultural classmates, I don’t need to travel far to foster international network and friendships.

Anastasia Reyes Mcallister (Class of 2018)

I believe that we open our minds when we are exposed to different cultures. For me, coming to Asia from Colombia was a challenge, but also the most enriching experience of my life. I chose NUS MBA because of its diversity of people, specialisations, modules and student exchange programmes.

Mallika Bhardwaj (Class of 2018)

I chose NUS MBA as I believe it’s the best in Asia and I can confidently say I am right. The dynamism of Singapore attracted me, and I wanted to be in a class with people from all over the world. The flexibility of the degree to complete the course between 12-24 months and to choose a specialisation later on was a bonus for me as I did not want to rush through the process. The variety of student exchange options were super exciting as was the beautiful campus life the school is party to.

Both NUS Business School staff and our MBA seniors were really welcoming and greatly aided in the whole transition process, openly sharing experiences and advice, and individually answering our queries.

The cost of the programme is more affordable than others as was the location, about 6 hours from India. The excitement of my peer group and the level of their discussions, and the diversity of their experiences sealed the deal.

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