Biz Sch News 14 December 2015

Visit to ARC Children’s Centre


To cap off our year-long Bizad50 celebrations with a heart of festive cheer, a group of fortunate staff and faculty visited the ARC Children’s Centre. After all, that is what Christmas is about – sharing and caring.

Not daunted by the torrential thunderstorm, the children cheered as they greeted us with their broad smiles.

Kicking off the afternoon of festivities with a hearty introduction and games were Ms Julie Huan (Strategy & Policy) and Mr Alex Tan (Facilities). The kids formed into relay teams to do a jigsaw puzzle of Rudolf the Reindeer standing next to a Christmas tree on a snow-covered meadow. Who could have guessed that doing jigsaw puzzles could be that fun!

arc - draw 2

blue tableThe next game, Pass-the-Parcel, was helmed by Assoc Prof Lau Geok Theng (Marketing).

The children caught on quickly. It was tricky for Ms Loh Hui Xian (Undergraduate Studies), who was in charge of pausing the music to ensure that the parcel stopped at a different child each time, not to mention resist the imploring looks of the children when they realized she was the one in charge of the “pause” button. This must be a first.

We have much talent among our colleagues. Ms Audrey Hon (Human Resources) and Ms Tan Bee Yian (Dean’s Office) showed their nifty art and craft skills, while Ms Linda Gouw (Graduate Studies) and Ms Chua Nan Sze (Graduate Studies) wowed the kids with their mastery of the ukulele and saxophone.

You bet the kids had a swell time – they sang to “Jingle Bells” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. We even put in a touch of Disney magic with the ever-popular “Frozen” theme song “Let It Go”.

With so many activities going on, it was no wonder that we had a paparazzi photographer in Mr Sean Chan (Undergraduate Studies), who took picture-perfect shots of everyone’s joy.

We were much blessed by the smiles on the children’s faces. They did not let their health conditions bother them. And neither should we be encumbered with office grouses. Count our blessings as we soldier on to Bizad51 together!

The contributor, Ang Swee Hoon, is an Associate Professor with the Department of Marketing.