NUS BBA 09 November 2015

Victoria’s marketing secrets

FullSizeRenderAt Victoria’s Secret stores, staff would stand in a line to help customers gauge sizes before buying clothing as gifts. This service is for those who are uncertain about sizes.

This is an example of how much Victoria’s Secret values its customers, as we found out in our visit to the company’s ION Orchard flagship store in Singapore. Associate Professor Ang Swee Hoon led six students (all BBA Year One) from her Principles of Marketing on this visit.

Our hosts, Sharon and Joanne, the marketing and retail managers respectively, gave us insights to their company’s marketing strategies.

Perfumes are placed at the entrance of the store designed to grab the attention of customers. Products are arranged in a pyramid-shaped manner, which the managers say, can influence customers to purchase the merchandise.

Meanwhile, our hosts told us that the company would look out for job applicants who are energetic and friendly as the management believes employees with these attributes enhances customer service.

Fun fact: The sales staff love to deal with male customers as they are usually clueless about products and would simply make their choices based on colour.

It was an enriching and fruitful trip for all of us who took part in the visit. Being an avid fan of Victoria’s Secret’s products, it was an eye-opening experience for me.

We were able to see how textbook theories are brought to life in a store, and why Victoria’s Secret is one of the most influential fashion companies in the world.

Unfortunately there were no famous Victoria’s Secret supermodels to greet us at the store, but we did had the chance to experience the marketing magic of Victoria’s Secret.

The contributor, Joaquim Teo Yun Ting, is a first-year BBA student.

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