Biz Sch News 25 April 2014

NUS Business School Town Hall 2014

It’s not every day that staff and faculty members of the School are able to come together for a shared purpose – but this is exactly what took place at the Town Hall on Monday, 21 April. An enthusiastic crowd of over 200 people turned out to learn about new initiatives and share ideas on how to support the School in its journey towards embracing more fully its vision, mission and values.


A ground-up initiative, the quarterly Town Hall is led by the Branding and Development Council and supported by several departments of the School, including the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO), Corporate Communications office and Executive Education office. Formats for each session vary, but they largely consist of interactive sessions to facilitate open sharing and communication between  academics, administrative staff and the School’s leadership. Following each session, follow-up discussions are conducted in small groups on fleshing out ideas into actionable items.


We checked in with a few participants at the latest Town Hall  and here’s what they had to say of the event:

“I was thrilled to see so many staff, both academic and administrative, in attendance. Most appeared to participate wholeheartedly and I sensed an atmosphere of unity and oneness. It was a great privilege for me to be present.”

Tan Soo Jin, Management Advisory Board member

“Innovation derives from out-of-the box thinking. The brainstorming exercise stimulates every diverse team to review the School’s initiatives in realising our commitment to its vision.  A job well done!”

Audrey Tsui, Visiting Professor

“The School Town Hall was a great place for networking and effectively brought together staff and faculty in a fun, effective way. The work session inspired us to think of the school as a welcome home for alumni. We talked about faculty and GANO working together closely to develop strong relationships with students and alumni who would give them a great reason to come back to their ‘home’ for knowledge, wisdom, and connections.”

Keith Carter, Visiting Senior Fellow

“The town hall meeting is interactive and enables us to get to know more of our colleagues. At the same time, it is not all fun and games as we learn about the School’s progress and core values. Professor Lawrence Loh is an engaging emcee while Mr Tan Soo Jin’s speech is most inspiring. The School has many talents, in the form of our faculty. A suggestion for the next town hall would be to further unearth the gems found in our own backyard!”

Kerry Tan, Manager, Strategic Management

Interested to learn more about what took place? Watch this video montage that captures some memorable moments: