Biz Sch News 15 February 2018

To a PAWsperous year ahead

As our fellow Chinese friends spend this weekend welcoming Lunar New Year, we took a little sniff at our NUS Business School’s fur kids that will be enjoying endless treats (whether there is a holiday or not!).


Meet the dogs of NUS Business School!

Joe Havely, Corporate Communications

Scooby is a Singapore Special rescue dog. His favourite pastimes are belly rubs, eating chicken and chasing squirrels.


Prof Andrew Delios, Department of Strategy & Policy

Bieber enjoys playing with everyone in the family, but especially with our pet guinea pig Kendall.


Sybi Fizgerald, Career Services Office

Tex is so happy and excited to see me when I come home that he dances.


Prof Joseph Cherian, Department of Finance

Ms Milo is without an eye, yet she’s the happiest rescue dog southeast of Kent Ridge.


Patricia Leong, IT Department

Crystal is a six-month old fur kid adopted from a shelter.


Karen Boh, Graduate Studies Office

If chasing squeaky toys was a job, Bilbo would be a workaholic.


Low Joon Kiat, Undergraduate Office

Bibi is a five-year-old Singapore Special rescued from a factory in Tuas.


Verity Thoi Centre for Governance, Institutions & Organisations

Tobie’s cute charms and irresistible appeal is what made me a newly converted dog lover.


Assistant Prof Sam Yam, Management & Organisation

Popcorn is exactly like his namesake – loud and naughty.


Here’s wishing everyone a peaceful, prosperous and happy lunar new year!