Biz Sch News 24 April 2016

The EE programme that keeps on giving

NUS Business School has been running Executive Education (EE) Programmes since 1981. Our programmes equip senior-level executives utilising a blend of case studies, business simulations and role plays, to prepare them for their next level of corporate advancement. To date, our internationally recognised programmes have attracted over 38,000 senior executives and managers.

Our programme ranks 32nd globally on the 2016 Financial Times Global MBA Rankings and 16th in the 2015 Financial Times ranking for customised programmes. It is also the only Singaporean university ranked for customised EE programmes, which are designed based on company specifications. Such programmes have been delivered for many blue-chip companies in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Colombo, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, Wellington and Bangalore.

EE outWe checked in with a group of participants who attended the recent Advanced Management Programme: Asia in Focus.This flagship programme runs across two weeks and was designed for senior and top executives to grow their management skills, broaden their perspectives on how to build their organisation’s competitive advantage in Asia, as well as interact with fellow leaders from other cultures and industries. We asked why they came and how the programme fared:

Nery Polim, HR Director of PT AKR Corporindo Tbk from Indonesia says she sent her team here based on its reputation for sound teaching, its diverse and international faculty, and the potential for networking. She had heard from friends in the industry that the studies learnt at the course are “applicable”, an important KPI for a HR director sending staff out for training. Its proximity and easy accessibility is another reason that they have sent staff here instead of to programmes further away.

For Rajeev Nair, from a-solutions DMCC of UAE, it was the chance to meet other regional executives that brought him. He has to date worked mostly among the countries and cultures of the Western Hemisphere but now has to engage the Asian market. He says, “I have learnt so much from just from listening to the way my peers from different countries in Asia do things. The cultural learning has been immense.” He is glad he can continue to tap on his new found friends in this regional group informally for advice.

EE dinner]CEO Widijanto of PT AKR Corporindo Tbk, Indonesia, had a different reason for sending his team. AKR is about to embark on a key development project. This CEO brought five members of his team, from Warehousing, Utilities, Shipping and Human Resources. He is grateful for the well-structured and comprehensive syllabus. He says, “Now after EE, we’re all on the same page in terms of understanding how to go forward in planning all aspects of this development, be it Strategy, Operations, Marketing, Finance. Now, we will go back and as a team rethink and brainstorm strategy and implementation, on how to make this critical project take off.”

Alumnus Kwok Lih , Advisor at Mediatek, Singapore, came for another reason. He had done his MBA at the School; he remembers the School and his experiences fondly, and has returned for his refresher, to meet old friends at the faculty, and to continue to meet people from other industries and countries.

Already, the team who had bonded over two weeks of intense lessons and sharing, and are planning a reunion next year… the time they spent on the EE will keep on giving.

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