NUS BBA 09 March 2018

Speaking to a senator and painting nudes at Yale

NUS BBA year 3 student Low Qiran, one of three NUS Business School students currently doing a one year stint in Yale, talks about her experience at Yale for the past semester.

Qiran (third from left) with fellow Yalies at a Christmas party

As a visiting student from NUS Business School, my time in Yale so far has been nothing short of amazing. In the span of five months I have written critiques on economics research papers, spoken on the phone with a Senator, interviewed venture capitalist partners on Bitcoin, painted nude models, had a photograph featured on the front page of The Politic (a monthly Yale University student publication ), learnt to ice skate backwards, and hissed at Harvard students with my Yale friends. In short, Yale, the people, the culture, the place, is incredible!

I currently stay in Pierson college, one of Yale’s 14 residential colleges. In Singapore I live off-campus (with my family) so it is completely different for me. In fact, now I enjoy living on campus so much I might consider applying for hall when I return.

Qiran (right) with her suitemates in the Pierson college courtyard where they live

Christmas dinner with friends at a fellowship organisation

NUS Reputation

What I must mention as well is the great reputation NUS has, even in Yale. The professors at Yale readily acknowledge the quality of an NUS education and the rigour of our curriculum. Yalies (yes, that’s what Yale students call themselves) are well aware of NUS as one of the best universities in Asia. I feel so proud to introduce myself as a visiting student from NUS Business School.

Presentation for the course Entrepreneurship and New Ventures at the Yale School of Management

At the same time, being at Yale made me realise that there are so many opportunities at NUS which are not always available at other universities. During a seminar on venture capital for example, when my professor asked for suggestions to improve the start-up community at Yale, I found myself sharing about NUS Overseas College programme – something which even Yale itself does not seem to have.

Mr and Mrs Wu Jieh-Yee Memorial Scholarship

I owe a lot to the Mr and Mrs Wu Jieh-Yee Memorial Scholarship. I come from a humble family and always knew I had to be responsible for my own school fees. But beyond the financial support, the scholarship made a huge difference in boosting my confidence to achieve more, knowing that someone saw the potential in me. I would say it encouraged me to do so much more, and I would certainly like to give back in the future when I am able to.

If there is one thing I am sure of, it’s that NUS Business School opens the door to thousands of opportunities. I’m sure, like me, you’ll find these opportunities at your door step – make the most of them.

My time here at Yale has far exceeded my expectations in every way. I cannot be more grateful for this opportunity from NUS Business School, and it’s a big part of why I want to make the most out of it.

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