Biz Sch News 17 July 2014

Getting more social

The School recently announced a new social committee to foster a better social environment in the School. Sixteen members of the School community from all departments and units have come together to create an exciting, social environment with a goal of helping our staff and faculty members build good relationships, enjoy their work better, keep them happy and improve the School’s culture.

Biz Social Committee: Chair Verity Thoi (Sitting, first left) with 10 of the 16 committee members

While the committee is similar to many other committees of the School (there’s a terms of reference, regular meetings and….a budget), the team is uniquely tasked to come up with ideas for having more fun at work.  And we mean serious fun: TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) socials, family days, staff welfare/amenities, team-building activities, movie nights and much more.

“I am excited to be a part of the recently formed Social committee which oversees the social and recreational activities for the School for a two year term,” says Verity Thoi, the Chair of social committee and Assistant Manager in the Strategic Management department of the School. “We had our first meeting in June, and the energy and enthusiasm displayed at the meeting was amazing and simply contagious. Even though we were not officially opened for business at that time, we got down to work immediately. Our goal as a committee is to make our work here both enjoyable and memorable,” she adds.

Ensuring a happy workplace culture is the responsibility of each of our School members, but this committee is now the conduit for making it all happen. A happy employee is a productive employee, as they say. So we look forward to learning more about this committee’s initiatives. Stay tuned!

Got any ideas for social or recreational activities for the committee? Email to