ACSEP 09 January 2019

Social Impact Measurement: Theory of Change approach

How does your company monitor and evaluate social impact of your programmes? The Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy (ACSEP) Training Programme: Social Impact Measurement is a series of training sessions for practitioners who are keen to improve the way they measure the impact of their social programmes.

After discussing the Logical Framework in an earlier session in September 2018, a second session was held in November 2018 at the NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House. Here, ACSEP Research Fellow Dr Frank Hubers discussed the Theory of Change (ToC) approach.

ToC is a specific type of methodology used in monitoring and evaluation that starts by identifying long-term goals before mapping out the necessary preconditions. This approach is known for its ease of use and is used by philanthropic organisations, charities and international institutions.

The afternoon session had some 19 participants (practitioners from foundations, social enterprises and government agencies). Through case studies – based on actual non-profit organisations from Singapore – they analysed the organisations’ social programmes to map out the impact and objectives.

“The training session was received very well,” said Dr Hubers. “The participants considered the Theory of Change approach as very applicable within their organisation. The feedback was very positive. ”

The next training session will take place on Wednesday 30 January and will discuss the concept of Key Impact Indicators.

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