Biz Sch News 24 January 2015

Dr Michael Frese wins Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award

Dr Michael Frese Our heartiest congratulations to Professor Michael Frese, who has been awarded the 2015 Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award by the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology (SIOP). The award honours individuals who have made the most distinguished empirical and/or theoretical scientific contributions to the field of industrial and organisational (I-O) psychology.
The award, in recognition of a lifetime achievement, comes after Dr Frese’s selection as a Fellow at the Academy of Management (AOM) last year.
“SIOP is the biggest national association in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. It includes scientists from business schools (about half) and from psychology departments. I firmly believe that I could only get this award because of my work during the last six years here at NUS Business School, including the grants that I received here. It is a great intellectual climate and it assembles some of the best minds in science,” says Dr Frese.
Dr Frese received his Diploma and Doctorate from the Free University of Berlin and Technical University Berlin respectively and holds a joint appointment at National University of Singapore, Business School and Leuphana University of Lueneburg (Germany). His research spans a wide range of basic and applied topics within organisational behaviour and work psychology. He is also known for his cross-national research on innovation. Most recently, he has analysed cultural factors in organisations and across nations, research that looks at psychological success factors in entrepreneurs in developing countries and in Europe, and at innovation.
With over 120 peer-reviewed articles, 200 book chapters, 20 books, over 40 invited congress keynote addresses and large scale research grants (from 50,000 to a few million Euros), he remains one of the most influential and frequently cited management scientist and organisational psychologist in the world today.