Biz Sch News 27 January 2014

Education through Expeditions

Learning and travel should go hand-in-hand.

This is one of the core beliefs with which the Victor & William Fung Foundation bestowed a gift of US$1 million to the School, to establish the Li & Fung Scholarship Endowed Fund.  The fund provides scholarships to undergraduates to participate in global exchange programmes and gain exposure to diverse cultures and environments. The recipients, known as ‘Fung Scholars,’ are required to demonstrate leadership potential and good academic standing to be eligible for the scholarship.


Why is international exposure so important? That’s the question we posed to Wong Kai Man, the fund’s director, at a recent presentation by Fung scholars at the School on January 21. “Today, with increasing globalisation, exposure to diverse, international cultures and perspectives is a very important foundation for good education and leadership. The Fung brothers, who started the foundation, travelled to the US at a time when travel opportunities were very scarce. They believed that the next generation of leaders should get a chance to see the world, and gain wider exposure and experiences to contribute much more to the community at large.”


His remarks reflected the excitement expressed by NUS BBA Fung scholars during the presentation. The students, who travelled near and far for exchange programmes, at the likes of the University of Manchester, the University of Texas and Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, shared their adventures and travel experiences.  “Traveling overseas on an exchange programme is priceless. To be able to go to a place of my preference, develop life-long relationships, and have so many ‘first’ experiences (including the snow!), is something that I’ll always cherish and be grateful for,” says NUS BBA student Timothy Leow , who visited New York University for his exchange programme.


In addition to expressing gratitude for the scholarship, the students also presented the fund director with a token from their travels. Dr Helen Chai, Assistant Dean and Director of NUS BBA programme, thanked Mr Wong and the Victor & William Fung Foundation for their continued support and contribution to the School.

Travel – especially international travel – is not always possible for many. But scholarships such as these provide rare opportunities for our students to learn through expeditions. After all, the real learning often happens outside the classroom.

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