Biz Sch News 18 May 2016

Sam Yam makes list of top 40 under 40 Biz School Dons

Sam Yam picCongrats to Asst Prof Sam Yam who made Poets&Quants’ most outstanding 40 under 40 professors at leading business schools. Poets& is a news portal devoted to the coverage of all that matters in the graduate business school world.

Every year, Poets&Quants puts out a call for nominations—students, alumni and the schools responded by nominating 75 professors from 40 different business schools from all over the world.

This is how it Poets&Quants describes those that made the list:

  • This year’s 40 Under 40 professors won’t disappoint
  • Rising stars at business schools from around the world
  • An inspiring group of young women and men who are making red hot names for themselves through academic research and classroom teaching
  • 40 of the brightest and youngest minds who serve on the faculty at MBA programs across the globe
  • Young professors who have reached mind-blowing success
  • They’ve accomplished so much in their brief careers and, to think, they’re just getting started

Oh, an additional distinction for Asst Prof Yam – he is the youngest – and the only 20plus – on the list! He is also one of the youngest professors on campus.

Read Sam’s interview with Poets & Quants.

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