Biz Sch News 25 January 2015

Nurturing Innovative Research

Sometimes, the best way to manage a wealth of ideas is to put it in print.  For our PhD students, the fourth Annual Research Day gave them an opportunity to share their PhD projects with a broader audience.
nus business school research day
The event was created to enhance the research community and encourage an exchange of ideas between faculty and research students.  At the heart of the event is the poster presentation competition where students get to present a visual summary of their research topic in a poster, including the methodology and key findings. The posters are then judged by a committee of eleven faculty members. Three winners from each of the six academic departments of the School get rewarded with cash prizes. The winning posters are displayed in the School’s staff lounge for rest of the community to view.
NUS Business school research day 2
This year’s winners are:
Department of Accounting: 1st prize: Zheng Zhen; 2nd prize: Li Yuehua; 3rd Price: Pei Sha
Department of Decision Sciences: 1st prize: Yan Zhenzhen; 2nd prize: Chen Zhi; 3rd Price: Jeremy Chen
Department of Finance: 1st prize: Zhang Changhao; 2nd prize: Zou Xin; 3rd Price: Zhang Man
Department of Marketing: 1st prize: Zhang Xing; 2nd prize: Miao Lei; 3rd Price: Wei Jie
Department of Management & Organisation: 1st prize: Gabriel Henry Jacob;  2nd prize: Li Xinxin
3rd Price: Zhu Jinlong
Department of Strategy & Policy: 1st prize: Hu Tianyou; 2nd prize: Xiao Fenglong; 3rd Price: Tan Hongbin
The winning posters covered research topics ranging from work-family conflicts to adjusting attitudes to charity. Other interesting topics include using data-driven item geometries and customising the marketing experience for consumers.
“The event offers a valuable platform for the doctoral students to share the fruit of their labour to the larger business school community (students and faculty members). It promotes an exchange of information across the different levels in the PhD programme and across disciplines,” says Professor Leonard Lee, one of the judges of the poster competition and a first-time attendee. “I believe such collaborations not only help students to improve upon their work through receiving feedback from diverse perspectives, but could also inspire new research ideas and promote cross-disciplinary collaboration.”