NUS PhD 20 January 2014

Celebrating our Intellectual Capital

It’s an opportunity that comes along just once a year for our PhD students. The third Annual Research Day was organised on January 15 to share some of the best PhD projects with the entire School.

Now in its third year, the event aims to encourage an exchange of ideas between faculty and research students. Nineteen senior PhD students were nominated to make presentations about their research topics, which ranged from work-family balance issues, corporate social responsibility, to the countries in which multinational corporations are most likely to invest.


To showcase research topics in an interesting way, a poster presentation competition was organised in the main atrium of the School. Each poster provided a visual summary of the research topic, the methodology and key findings. The winners, judged by a committee of six faculty members from each department, won cash prizes.


It’s very enlightening to learn about what other students have chosen as a research topic, and understand how they completed a study. I’ve learnt a lot from the presentations and posters. I also got useful feedback on my poster from professors and senior students,” remarks Ma Jiameng, a second year PhD student.

Third year PhD student Zhen Zheng  from Department of Accounting took away the first prize in the poster competition. Her research is exploring the relation between a product’s market competition and its cost of equity capital, and is supervised by Professor Oliver Zhen Li.


“This event helps to share and build our intellectual capital, and I’m very proud of the quality of research by our PhD students,” says the Dean, Professor Bernard Yeung, who was also present at the event.

“Congratulations to the team on a well-organized and successful event. I have been impressed with the research that our students are conducting and their ability to summarize the key takeaways of their papers,” says one of the judges of the poster competition, Assistant Professor Matthias Spitzmuller.

Quality research is the hallmark of a good academic institution and as the School strives for excellence in research and innovation, it’s events like these that help foster a rich, academic environment. After all, an academic institution is more than just brick and mortar.