Biz Sch News 17 October 2016

NUS Business School delivers strong performance in global Financial Times Executive MBA rankings

We are delighted about the recent strong performance of our executive MBA programmes in the latest Financial Times rankings.

Our Asia-Pacific Executive (APEX) MBA  programme ranks 17th globally, moving up eight spots in the latest Financial Times (FT) Executive MBA rankings. The School’s double-degree Executive MBA programme with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA-NUS EMBA) ranks sixth globally, maintaining its position in the top 10.


The annual rankings are based on data compiled from two main sources: surveys conducted with alumni who graduated three years ago, and data provided by business schools. Several criteria are used to assess and rank top Executive MBA programmes globally, such as career progress of alumni through salary increases and professional aims achieved, diversity of faculty and students, and faculty-related idea generation.

The NUS Asia-Pacific Executive MBA

Salaries and salary increases are the most heavily weighted ranking criteria for the FT EMBA rankings.

The alumni surveyed commanded an average annual salary of US$272,989 three years after graduation, with a post-graduation salary increase of 48 per cent.

Increasingly, graduates also saw their aims of pursuing an Executive MBA achieved. 77 per cent of alumni felt the programme helped them to either achieve their career goals or fulfil reasons for pursuing an EMBA, compared to 75 per cent last year.

The programme also improved in diversity and quality of students, with the class comprising 40 per cent female students, compared to 27 per cent previously. More experienced executives enrolled in the programme, resulting in work experience rank of 14 compared to 17 last year.

With parallel tracks in English and Mandarin, the NUS APEX MBA has teaching segments across eight cities in Asia, Europe and North America that feature transformational and problem-based learning through unique, experiential components.

UCLA-NUS Executive MBA

The UCLA-NUS EMBA programme is ranked sixth globally, maintaining its leading position as one of the world’s top 10 EMBA programmes. It is also the only double-degree programme to be offered by a Singapore University.

UCLA-NUS EMBA alumni typically draw an average annual salary of US$267,581 three years after graduation, with a post-graduation salary increase of 57 per cent, one of the highest among business schools in Singapore.

The programme also fared well in diversity with each cohort attracting participants from 20 nationalities. The UCLA-NUS EMBA was ranked 25th out of 100 when it came to tracking career progress, which is calculated according to changes in the level of seniority and the size of company alumni work in now. 82 percent of graduates from this programme expressed that their aims of pursuing the programme were fulfilled.

Offered jointly by UCLA Anderson School of Management and NUS Business School, the UCLA-NUS EMBA aims to equip students with a global perspective on leadership and management. Conducted in six two-week segments across Singapore, USA, China and India, the programme offers an immersive and international experience to senior executives.

“It is heartening to see our consistent strong performance in the Financial Times’ ranking, especially as we celebrate our flagship Executive MBA programme’s 20th anniversary next year. While we strive to take a holistic view of education to develop future-ready leaders, these rankings validate that we remain competitive in global business education,” said Professor Bernard Yeung, Dean and Stephen Riady Distinguished Professor, NUS Business School.

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