Biz Sch News 20 August 2018

Rag & Flag 2018: NUS Business School are history makers again

Our students have once again made NUS Business School proud in Rag & Flag 2018. In addition to repeating last year’s feat of clinching the event’s major awards of Rag Gold and Flag Champion, they managed to raise the highest-ever amount by a faculty (SG$202,880.05) in the history of Flag.

Here are the accolades won by the Bizaders:

-Rag Gold Award
-Best Dance Award
-Best Costumes Award
-Best Float Award
-Best Booth Award

The Bizaders with Mr Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education

-Overall Flag Champion
-Highest Amount Ever Raised
-Highest non-Flag Day Fundraising
-Highest Flag Day Fundraising
-Highest Total Amount Raised per capita
-Highest Total Amount Raised
-Third Most Improved Award

More than 700 freshmen and their seniors were involved in this year’s Rag & Flag – tirelessly seeking donations for Flag, as well as spending many late nights building the float and rehearsing for Rag.

Bizad Club President Shannon Tan said the students’ participation in the event is not about beating records, but on giving their best and improving on their seniors’ efforts.

“All of us are elated and are incredibly proud of the effort put in by our fellow students for the achievements,” she said.

“We truly believe that all the hard work and effort that goes into this will not only help those in need but build a spirit of giving among batches of Bizaders, past present and future,” added Shannon.