Biz Sch News 22 July 2019

Professor Jochen Wirtz receives the Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions Award

Professor Jochen Wirtz receives the Christopher Lovelock award for his contributions to the services community

Our very own Professor Jochen Wirtz from the Department of Marketing is the 2019 winner of the most prestigious award of the service community – the “Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions Award”.  He is the first-ever recipient from an Asian University.

Named after Prof Wirtz’s late mentor and friend, the award is presented annually to an individual whose contribution in terms research, practice, teaching and service has a long-term impact on the development of the service discipline.

In his acceptance speech, Prof Wirtz acknowledged that the award is the culmination of the effort of a community dedicated to advancing our knowledge and practice and the larger community.

“An award like this is the outcome of so many people mentoring, helping, encouraging, pushing and working together.  This award is not the outcome of the effort of one person but of the many who helped along the way. To me, I just received my own Nobel Prize-equivalent,” he said.

Congratulations, Prof Wirtz!