Biz Sch News 09 May 2014

Staff members join international b-school consortium

We are extremely proud of our staff members, Yue-Wen Lim, Zahira Binte Nawi and Nelson Tan, who have been selected to represent NUS Business School at the Partnership in International Management (PIM), an international consortium of leading business schools that works to promote student exchange programmes.


Yue-Wen Lim is the Director of International Relations at the School and is appointed as the Asia and Asia-Pacific Chair for PIM. Chairs are in charge of implementing the strategies suggested by the members during PIM’s Annual Meeting, as well as managing the budget, deciding on the structure and contents of the Annual Conference, and addressing the major issues of the association.

“It is my pleasure and honour to be elected as the new Chair of Asia-Pacific region for the PIM network. NUS Business School has been a long and active member of the network, and our participation has allowed our students to exchange with some of the top business school members. As the new Chair, I hope to encourage schools in the region to take full advantage of this network and be key players in this organisation’s evolution in coming years,” says Yue-Wen. 

Zahira Nawi_NUS_PIM

Zahira Nawi manages NUS MBA student exchange programmes at the School and was invited to serve on the Current Members committee for a three-year term. In this role, Zahira will mentor current PIM members in the Asia-Pacific region who may face challenges in maintaining an active PIM membership.

Zahira, who has represented the School at PIM for seven years, caught the attention of the Membership Committee while making a presentation at a conference in Beijing last year. Committee chairwoman Dr Julia von Maltzan Pacheco invited her to come onboard as a committee member.

“The NUS MBA Exchange programme is very popular with many top schools today, all thanks to guidance from PIM. Just about everyone wants to pursue an exchange at NUS. This also opens up better opportunities for our students to go to their desired schools. It’s time to give back and I am excited about this new role!” says Zahira. 


Nelson Tan, a manager in the International Relations office, was selected to sit on the Undergraduate Programmes committee where he will assist in undergraduate student exchanges as a representative of the School. The main task of this committee is to foster a better network of undergraduate programmes offered by PIM members, with a special focus on integrating newcomers into the network.

“I’m excited about serving on the PIM committee and look forward to representing NUS Business School. PIM is a great network for working with international partners to enhance the global experiences of our students,” says Nelson.

To learn more about PIM and its member schools, click here.