NUS MBA 15 August 2014

7 Highlights of a Highly Effective MBA Orientation

Some 182 candidates, representing 23 nationalities make up our new MBA intake for 2014, and with such a rich diversity of nationalities and backgrounds, the Orientation became a rare opportunity for the students to bond and network with their peers. The cohort met for the first time on July 29 during the six-day NUS MBA Orientation programme.

During the week, students got a sneak-peak into the academic, social and professional rigour of our MBA programme, including curriculum details, resources, job opportunities, networking, as well as a quick Singapore tour.

Here’s a snapshot of the top 7 highlights of this year’s NUS MBA Orientation:

nus mba intake 2014

1. Top Brass of NUS MBA: The orientation kicked off with a warm welcome, informative presentations, and speeches by those at the helm of NUS MBA:

The students also had the opportunity to meet several other key representatives who introduced their work, as well as heard from the staff members who work tirelessly behind the scenes, all-year-round.

2. Meeting the Mentor: Mr Tan Soo Jin, the School’s Executive in Residence, gave an inspiring speech to our new MBA students about cultivating the right values, right attitudes and right skills-sets as leaders. “This is the beginning of a journey to discover yourself. Be accountable, be respectful. Before you speak, THINK (is it Thoughtful, Honest, Intelligent, Necessary and Kind),” he advised an enthralled audience.

nus mba orientation3. Benefits of Hindsight: Let’s face it. Professional growth and employment opportunities are the top reasons why our students pursue an NUS MBA. The School believes in walking the talk; so we brought back seniors and alumni of NUS MBA to share their personal journey towards a fulfilling career. These alumni provided the valuable benefit of hindsight, in terms of post-graduation realities and also provide tips and advice for internships or job searches.

NUS MBA Orientation

4. Tickers, Trades and More: Finance enthusiasts were thrilled by the tour of our Centre for Asset Management and Research Investment’s (CAMRI) state-of-the-art Investment Management and Trading lab. Located at Level 3 of the Mochtar Riady Building, the lab has 32 workstations, Bloomberg live feeds, live financial data tickers, MSCI Barra investment and risk management software modules, as well as various other trading and portfolio management software applications. Students get first-hand experience and training with the best tools available to the professional investment community, and as a result, are best prepared for finance jobs.

5. Life Beyond Academia: NUS MBA student council is a true representation of life and learning in NUS MBA. With nine major clubs including consulting, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, sports, knowledge management, language & culture and social impact, it is the largest group for all student activities. Our new students met with council leaders and learnt more about the wide range of activities available.


6. Exploring the Lion City:  Exploring the beautiful city of Singapore together was indeed one of the top highlights of orientation for our students.  As the students embark on the MBA journey together, this tour of the Lion City will be the first of many as they become friends, confidants, competitors and co-learners for the next 17 months.

nus mba obs

7. Survivor Pulau Ubin: The one-day excursion trip to the nearby island of Pulau Ubin’s Outward Bound School cemented the bond between the students.  They went through various team-building activities at the camp, which also served as the first training lesson in management: Work beyond your limitations and leverage each other’s strengths. As one of the previous students wrote, “we marvelled at how much we can do and how far we can go.”

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