Executive MBA 19 September 2014

Industry Leaders talk to NUS MBA students

Ann Lavin, Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs at Google, and Don Hanna, the Managing Director of Roubini Global Economics Asia recently presented to our MBA students from the Asian Business Environment class.

Ann oversees a range of issues for Google in Greater China and Southeast Asia, including economic empowerment, content regulation, geopolitics, privacy and general technology policy. She shared how Google balances pressures for integration across its whole global business, including those for local responsiveness in each of the Asian countries in which it operates.

Ann Lavin

As a Managing Director of a global macroeconomic research firm, Don has spent almost two decades advising clients on global macro trends, with a particular focus on Asia. A scholar of Economics, Don shared his views and insights on major drivers of business environment in Asia and the nuances of doing business in the region. The students also heard his take on the Chinese financial system.

Both the guests were able to share their direct experiences to help students understand how leading organisations work through major challenges that we often read in business cases or hear about in the news.

don Hanna

Taught by Assistant Professor Markus Taussig, the Asian Business Environment class equips students with a better understanding of how strategies can and should respond to the diverse Asian business environments, both at macro and micro levels. Through real-life case-studies, group exercises and guest lectures, students get a valuable opportunity to learn from professors, peers, as well as accomplished business leaders.

“I believe that the best way to drive key points home is to regularly involve practitioners who can share relevant experiences – either in person, or through video chats. I reach out to the incredible array of leading entrepreneurs and managers from around the world, who call Singapore home or just happen to frequently travel here, ” says Dr Markus.

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