Biz Sch News 05 February 2015

A Glamorous night with Talent Showcase

The School’s Dinner & Dance on 30 January at the Hilton Hotel’s Grand Ballroom saw some 230 faculty and admin staff turn up in glamorous costumes with a “retro” theme to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

Organised by the School’s Social Committee, the evening started with some fun and games in the foyer with a life-sized Snakes and Ladders board,  the ‘Kachang Puteh’ man and instant photo booth. Dressed in colourful shirts, elegant dresses and gowns, big hair and flashy jewellery, many attendees aimed to be picked as Best Dressed Female and Male.


“We have probably never laughed together so much before. Indeed, the School is likened to a big family where we face each other more than anyone else in our waking hours. It was a truly memorable night, and all of us had a wonderful time discovering the talents of our staff and faculty through their magnificent performances. I thank everyone involved in making this event a success” says Phyllis Kum, Financial Controller/Deputy Director of the School.

NUS Business School DnD1

Dean Bernard Yeung and the Deanery members kicked-off the evening with a toast to the completion of the School’s 50 years.

In addition to dining together on sumptuous cuisines, guests bonded over heart-warming speeches, games and staff performances. “The Frivolous Triviality” tested knowledge of history of the School, while the number game had everyone get up and mingle to win.


Staff performances not only entertained, but also helped discover some hidden talent gems within our own community. Some of the highlights were:


  • A singing performance by the Dean and Professor Jean Yeung
  • A rendition of “What a Wonderful World” by Chua Nan Sze Marie Antonie (on Saxophone), Tan Soo Jin, Azmi Bin Salleh, Nigel Yeung and Stuart Pallister.
  • A dance performance by Jothi and her daughter Anupriya.
  • An A Capella singing performance by Lin Jun



JOTHIThe Best Dressed Female and Male competition was well-received by the crowd, with each ‘brave’ contestant winning a prize for showing off his/her dance moves.


The evening served as a great reminder to reflect on the story of NUS Business School, showcasing key milestones, core values and how we have grown bigger, better and stronger over the years. It also provided a perfect opportunity to come together as a community and appreciate the values that make us unique.

All in all, it was a wonderfully glamorous night filled with excellent food and endless laughter. Watch this space for more photos from the event.