Biz Sch News 01 December 2017

NUS tops rankings in Asia again

Times Higher Education (THE) ranked NUS as the best university in Asia again! We were Numero Uno in 2016 and again this year. Not only that – at the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings by subject, Business and Economics were among the top 20 subject areas ranked for NUS at 16th! THe other three were Computer Science; Engineering and Technology; and Physical Sciences.

Despite the huge competition – 300 universities from 24 countries were surveyed – NUS continues to strive for excellence. Scoring well in the research front was one key aspect. And here at NUS Business School, our faculty also help contribute to that besides their busy teaching and mentoring schedules.

Did you know that we are the leading authority on error management? Provost’s Chair, Professor Michael Frese says that making mistakes is good – Mistakes should be seen as a learning experience and something to be valued. In a recent Straits Times commentary, Prof Frese adds that it’s time we should subscribe to a different type of “kiasuism” – Kiasu 2.0. He believes in removing the stigma surrounding making mistakes so that people are more comfortable pointing them out and less likely to try to cover them up.

Besides using international data sets, a lot of Business School’s research is also highly relevant to Singapore’s business environment and day-to-day activities. Research from some of our research centres like Centre for Asset Management Research and Investments (CAMRI), Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations (CGIO), Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (ASCEP) also help shape government policies and industry innovation.

CGIO staff led by A/P Lawrence Loh (6th from left), celebrating the results of the Singapore Governance and Transparency Index 2017

Newly launched at local bookstores, Associate Professor Ang Swee Hoon and Visiting Professor of Finance Sumit Agarwal and Associate Professor Sing Tien Foo co-authored – Kiasunomics, a book based on rigorous research but translated into a storytelling format using laymen language to share stories of how Singaporeans make daily financial decisions.

NUS also gets top marks for its international outlook. Besides the international profile of our faculty, our students have numerous opportunities to go on student exchange programmes, NUS Overseas College experiences and study trips to immerse in different business working cultures and education.

From the new 2017/2018 cohort, all undergraduates will need to fulfill an overseas exposure activity as part of their graduation curriculum. In previous years, our students have participated in STEER programmes that visited Kazakhstan, or Bizad Abroad that went Turkey, and most recently Japan.

Bizad Abroad 2015 outside the Blue Mosque

NUS Business School students exploring Shinjuku, Tokyo after a day of learning from Japanese companies

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