NUS BBA 02 May 2017

NUS Business School taught me confidence and adaptability

Year 4 Accounting undergraduate, Martin Lau stresses that success is not defined by grades, jobs or money. Be it academics, career or personal well-being, success only comes with finding the right balance. Here, Martin shares how NUS Business School has moulded him into who he is today.

Martin skydiving last June in Madrid

People feel the concept of “business” as general. However, business teaches you to ask, not just speak; to understand, not just memorise; and to justify, not just answer. It teaches you to be creative, not just smart; and to be ethical, not just legal. For me, it has taught me to fly, not just run.

NUS Business School provides a good mix of everything that an undergraduate could possibly desire. The vibrant campus life makes it easy to have fun both in and out of school. The countless events being organised both locally and overseas, provide abundant opportunities, such as internships (I did mine in Credit Suisse!), to understand yourself and the world that much more. Furthermore, the friendly and caring eco-system serves as an excellent platform for learning and growth.

Martin (half hidden at the back) with fellow Credit Suisse summer interns last July

Prior to coming to university, I was clueless about who I was and what I wanted to be in the future. Fortunately, the School has given me plenty of opportunities to be exposed to many industries within the corporate world such as Accounting, Banking, Finance, FMCG, and more. These personal experiences have given me valuable insights into how each one of them fits into this increasingly complex and ever changing world, and better enabled me to discover what I want to be in the future.

During my time here, NUS Business School is a place that truly embodies the saying “Confidence is half the battle won”. Two people with the same information and logic can produce significantly different outcomes, simply because one dared to answer with commitment and conviction, while the other did not. Confidence is something everyone will inevitably develop here.

Martin (second row in red) attending the BAC graduation party last May

I’ve also picked up knowledge and skills I never knew I needed. Through my profs and classmates, I’ve developed the ability to understand, simplify, solve and communicate any problem to the layman. I have definitely become more capable in this aspect which I feel is a competitive edge above others.

People have come to me with many misconceptions about Accountancy. They think accounting rules and financial formulas are rigid and technical. However, over the past four years, I’ve been trained to view them as fundamental building blocks to new solutions for the bigger picture, and to problem solve effectively. The ability to adapt is also the key to be successful.

Martin (centre with red tie) with his team mates at their final Field Service Project (FSP) presentation

NUS Business School represents enlightenment to me. The people, culture, and experiences throughout these four years has taught me a great deal. I discovered who I was, what I wanted to become and why it was important. So, be open to all that comes. Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect it. Just be ever ready to seize them when the opportunities arise.

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