NUS BBA 31 August 2014

Nexia TS Awards the first Accounting Corporation Medal & Prize to NUS

NUS Bachelor of Accountancy students Zhang Zhenjie Justin and Chia Guo Cong have been awarded the Nexia TS Public Accounting Corporation Medal and Prize at a ceremony held at the firm’s Singapore office.

Nexia TS Accounting Prize

The event was attended by a small delegation from the School, including Vice-Dean (Undergraduate studies) and Associate Professor Chng Chee Kiong.

“We are very mindful that Nexia TS is the first public accounting firm to establish an accounting award for the School, and we will always be grateful for this trust placed on us,” he said.

NEXIA TS NUS Business School

Photo credit: Nexia TS Ptd Ltd

Nexia TS is the first public accounting firm to award $30,000 for two prizes in Accountancy, Assurance and Attestation to the School’s undergraduate students.  The prizes are awarded to two students with the best cumulative average points (CAP) in the accounting, assurance and attestation modules of NUS BBA.

“We are always keen to encourage education and equipping others to learn. Believing that it is more effective to teach someone to fish, than to simply provide fish,” said Henry Tan, the Managing Director of Nexia TS.

Awards for high academic scores mean a lot for students in their early careers. The two winners expressed their gratitude to Nexia TS.

Chia Guo Cong (L) & Justin Zhang (R)

Chia Guo Cong (L) & Justin Zhang (R)

“It is heartening to know that my efforts have been recognised. This award has motivated me to do better in studies and given me the confidence in my own abilities to undertake professional responsibilities in the future,” says Justin Zhang, third-year undergraduate accountancy student who wants to pursue a career in tax/audit after graduation.

Chia Guo Cong, fourth-year accountancy student, echoes the sentiment. “I’m happy that my hard work is recognised and I appreciate Nexia’s commitment to nurturing aspiring, young, professionals who want to pursue careers in accounting.”

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