NUS MBA 07 August 2017

New opportunities abound for The NUS MBA 2017 intake

170 eager young minds joined formed the 2017 intake of The NUS MBA on August 1st. This year’s students represent a diversity of experiences, industries and cultures – coming from 22 countries with work experience in more than 20 industries.

During the orientation speech, Dean Bernard Yeung shared his vision, “We aspire to be a community with a positive sense of purpose. The programme wants you to become a better executive and a stronger person with great values. I am confident that The NUS MBA experience will enable you to be leaders, innovators and game changers that continuously make positive changes for all.”
The students have much to look forward to; including two new initiatives introduced this year. Students now have the option to take on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Specialisation where they will apply concepts and theories learnt in the classroom to real life business situations. This specialisation aims to stimulate and nurture entrepreneurial spirits.
Another new feature is the credit-bearing internship, which provides the students with access to supervisors comprising of MBA and EMBA alumni. These mentors will guide the students on how to best benefit from internship opportunities, including finding solutions for business challenges, as well as developing personal and professional networks.
These new features add to the experiential Management Communications and Management Practicum Modules, as well as the many opportunities to learn from visiting industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs and policy makers here.
Through these initiatives, “we strive to improve continuously, in developing analytical knowledge relevant to Asian businesses, quality judgment, entrepreneurial spirit, and executive skills,” Dean Yeung added.