NUS BBA 29 January 2014

Students win inaugural NUS Financial Analytics Competition

It’s not every day that our students get to work with their counterparts from Computer Science and Engineering to solve a common challenge together. The NUS Financial Analytics Competition held on January 18 offered just that: an opportunity to learn and create value by working in cross-functional teams.


Organised by NUS Business Analytics Centre, in partnership with RMI – Credit Research Initiative, the competition was a first-of-its-kind and open to all NUS students to enable cross-functional student and faculty collaboration. Unlike most competitions, there were no cases or problems for contestants to solve. Instead, they had to analyse complex financial statement data of listed companies in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. They had to draw insights from the data, develop proof of concept for new products or services, and present innovative ideas to a team of judges that included academic directors, faculty and industry experts.


Teams BoonBeard Consulting, Quant Guru and Analytics Macchiato, comprising of students of NUS BBA, the Master’s in Business Analytics and the RMI -Credit Research Initiative, won the competition.

“With the availability of big data, innovative services and solutions are being created by lean teams. This competition supports such creative projects by providing the contestants an access to resources, industry experts and real data. They learn to ask the right questions and understand which problems can be solved using data analytics – which are some of the most important skills for today’s business professionals,” says Associate Professor and MSBA Co-Director, Jussi Keppo. 

If you’ve ever wondered about the framework of action for big data, and aspired to become a business analytics professional, this is the type of competition you want to be a part of. It may just be the future.

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