Biz Sch News 03 December 2014

Making a Difference with the Gift of Hope


A gift of hope goes a long way towards helping to keep a dream alive. For the recipients of the NUS Business School Undergraduate Scholarship and Bursary Award 2014, it has definitely made a positive difference.

BBA undergraduate Heng Lijin (pictured above) used to give tuition two to three times a week to help ease the financial burden for her mum, the sole breadwinner of the family.  So when she was awarded the W & Y Holding Bursary, she felt extremely blessed.

“With this bursary, I can now afford to cut down my part-time work and channel my energy into my studies. I am now motivated to work harder towards achieving better academic results,” says Lijin.

Now in year two of her BBA programme, Lijin even found time to be involved in a few community projects such as Charity Fiesta and RunNUS as her way of giving back to society.

The awards are supported by donors from the NUS Business School Alumni Associations, individuals and corporations. This year, about 600 business school undergraduates qualified for bursaries.  Many, like Lijin, take on part-time jobs to pay their tuition fees, earn pocket money and support their families. Their hectic schedules make it a constant struggle to balance their heavy study commitments with their long hours of work. The support of our donors ensures a level playing field for them, and gives them the opportunity to take part in more co-curricular activities that will help them develop into holistic individuals.

“Many of our students shoulder tremendous burdens – not only do they have to study hard like their peers to attain their degrees; but they also have to finance their education on their own. The generosity and graciousness of our donors has created hope for potential future business leaders,” says Associate Professor Chng Chee Kiong, Vice Dean, Undergraduate Studies.