Biz Sch News 14 August 2014

Leadership Learning Series with Charles Mak

Mr Charles Mak, Senior Advisor to the Investment Banking Division of Asia Pacific, Morgan Stanley, shared his experiences in talent management recently with the management of the School, as a part of Leadership Learning Series.

Charles Mak

Started in 2013, the Series is one the School’s key initiatives to stay relevant and learn from industry practitioners on topics such as organisational change and transformation.

Mr Mak began his career in Morgan Stanley in 1980 and has worked in various roles spanning legal, accounting as well as investor services, before becoming the Managing Director and Head of Private Wealth Management Asia for the bank. He shared his top three tips to building a committed team in a large organisation:

1. Be fair to all.

2. Take time to get to know and take care of your staff.

3. Lead by example.

Several leaders of the School’s management team discussed and shared the best management practices for grooming, mentoring and retaining talent, in the Q&A session that followed.

Charles Mak