Biz Sch News 06 November 2017

Leadership Dialogue Series with Professor Tan Chorh Chuan

In our latest Leadership Dialogue Series talk, Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, President of National University of Singapore, gave his insights into leadership and shared his personal lessons to alumni, students, faculty and industry professionals.

In his presentation The Powerful Lenses of Leadership, Professor Tan told the audience at Shaw Foundation Alumni House, on the attributes he looks for in potential leaders. Such candidates have to be problem solvers, have a strong sense of empathy and have low ego levels, he said.

Professor Tan also added that leaders should have a sense of motivation and a willingness to learn, citing the fact that there will be situations where one could be placed in a leadership position when he or she has no relevant experience.

When asked by a member of the audience on why he always has a calm demeanour, Professor Tan replied that leaders must always be seen as a source of stability and strength to inspire their subordinates.

Professor Tan described his leadership style further where he encourages a collaborative culture, ensuring there are open channels of communications and reducing any misunderstanding within his organisations.