Biz Sch News 31 August 2017

Leadership Dialogue Series with Mizuho Bank Singapore

The Leadership Dialogue Series is a platform for senior industry figures share their perspectives and experiences with students as part of their holistic learning experience. Kicking off the series for this semester was Mr Guan Yeow Kwang, CEO, Mizuho Bank (Singapore).

The pace of technological innovation is disrupting the financial industry, forcing them to embrace change. But the banks face challenges such as entrenched work cultures and a history of legacy processes.

This is the situation faced by many of his banking peers, according to Mr Guan. One solution his management team adopted was to form a task force consisting of employees from different departments and even interns that would solve various challenges within the organisation.

Such a move even helped to break down silos and simplified processes as the task force members were able to approach issues from a fresh angle, he explained.

More than 190 faculty, staff and students attended the talk, which was held on 22 August at the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library Auditorium.

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