Biz Sch News 02 February 2015

What Makes A Successful Leader In Asia?

“Managing businesses in Asia  – The Leadership Qualities Required to Succeed” was the topic of this year’s first Leadership Dialogue Series.

Businesses in Asia face monumental obstacles – operational challenges in cross cultural traits, complex employment conditions and fickle consumers, among others – in their quest for profitability.

Mr Achal Agarwal, the President of Asia Pacific Kimberly-Clark, shared his views on the leadership qualities needed to negotiate an increasingly difficult business terrain. In the session moderated by Professor Kulwant Singh from the Department of Strategy and Policy, Agarwal engaged the crowd by imparting his experience in managing large, complex and fast-growing organisations in Asia over the past 30 years. He suggested having a common vision, building a credible strategy and then focusing on execution. In addition, he emphasized on staying ahead of the curve and being compliant as some of the winning perspectives to lead in a dynamic global world today.

NUS BUsiness leadership dialogue series