Biz Sch News 10 September 2018

Johnson & Johnson and NUS BAC ink collaboration agreement

Recently, the NUS Business Analytics Centre (BAC) signed a three-year MoU with pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to provide guidance and industry experience to Master of Science Business Analytics (MSBA) students for their Capstone projects.

Besides internships, organising competitions like hackathons and hosting students for their projects, this is a prestigious opportunity to work with J&J to advance their knowledge and skills in analytics.

From left: Kenneth Cheng, Senior Data Scientist, NUS BAC; Visiting Senior Fellow Quek Khor Ping, NUS BAC; Associate Professor Khoo Siau Cheng, Co-Director, NUS BAC; Associate Professor James Pang, Co-Director, NUS BAC; Senior Vice President and Global Head – Data Sciences Georgia Papathomas, Johnson & Johnson; Senior Vice President Finance Shah Bhavesh, Johnson & Johnson); and Senior Manager FP&A Systems & Data Analytics Gurdeep Singh, Johnson & Johnson

As part of their Capstone project work, the students will receive guidance and supervision from mentors at J&J to analyse and engage in real-world situations and produce suitable solutions in the areas of Big Data, Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Through these events and the internships, the MSBA students will have the chance to interact with industry professionals from J&J and even be recruited by the multinational giant.

The company is also on the lookout for BAC researchers whose projects can align with the goals of the company. A representative from the university will assist in identifying these opportunities throughout the collaboration.

According to BAC Co-Director Associate Professor James Pang, the signing of the MoU is a “milestone for the BAC to work together with J&J in joint innovation projects together.”

He added that “students will have the chance to combine theory and practice for better career growth in the analytics area.”