NUS BBA 18 April 2017

Into the dynamic banking world with Citibank

Alum Liao Shuangwei (class of 2014) sheds some light on the world of banking as a student transitioning into the corporate world.

Shuangwei (left) at her Commencement ceremony

Upon graduation, I joined Citibank as a Management Associate. This position gave me the privilege to explore a new role every 6 months. Over the past 2 years, I have completed stints with Compliance, Collections (Credit Operations), FX Corporate Sales (Global Markets) and Investment Products (Wealth Management). Since the beginning of  2017, I’ve been managing sales as a Citigold Relationship Manager. The exposure from each different role has been nothing short of fulfilling.

You often hear bankers (or any other job!) say there isn’t quite a typical day at work – that is true, even more so when I was moving around, into different roles every few months. In all my roles, I’ve had the chance to deal with the same work matters as my team mates who are definitely more experienced.

That way of learning has definitely helped push me up the learning curve in the quickest time possible. It’s also the company’s way of showing the amount of trust they have in their employees. During my stint with FX sales, I was a dealer for clients – picking up calls, quoting and booking FX deals for them.

Celebrating winning the Championship at the Thammasat University Business Challenge

Similarly, at the Investment Products department, I liaise with multiple parties to structure products for our clients. Also, while I was in Compliance, I had to advise businesses on how they could adhere to regulations. This is just a very brief theoretical glimpse into each role. The reality is having to be 100% hands-on and ready to take on new challenges and surprises every single day.

People have asked why did I choose to be a banker or an investment analyst. Well, I feel the banking world is very dynamic, which fits well with the pace I like to work at. At work, my colleagues are great people with sharp minds, hence I am always being challenged into striving to do better.

From these rotations, at the end, Wealth Management appealed to me because it is a topic that is very close to many people’s hearts. I get to help my clients make more informed decisions on what matters most to them. I am very happy to say that I have not experienced a boring moment, and don’t think I ever will!

Shuangwei leading as a Orientation Group Leader with her group of freshmen at Sentosa

To me, NUS Business School represents excellence and relationships. There is so much rigour and drive in the pursuit for success, which constantly challenges you to put your best foot forward. The best part is, you will never have to walk the journey alone. I have benefitted from the unwavering support from faculty members and went on to form friendships that I know will continue to see me through the decades ahead.

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