NUS BBA 14 March 2017

Internship is the first step of a career journey

Students who are in the BBA (Accountancy) programme are required to complete a mandatory minimum eight weeks of accounting or finance related internship.

This compulsory internship ensures that students are exposed to the accounting industry, enabling them to have a head start in their careers when they graduate. The students gain the experience of coping with a corporate environment that is different from the classroom.

NUS represent! Fellow accounting students from NUS Business School interning at Deloitte

For BAC Year 2 Amanda Tan, her first internship – working in audit at Deloitte – gave her the opportunity to take the initial step of her career.

Outside-In spoke to her on what it was like for her during her internship (5 Dec 2016 – 27 Jan 2017).

Amanda at a Big 4 recruitment fair with fellow Bizaders

Q: How did you prepare for the internship?

AT: I attended the Big 4 Accounting Firms’ Tri-University Recruitment Fair prior to applying for my internship and spoke to the Deloitte staff to find out more about the company and their job experiences. I also read up on Deloitte’s employee relations programmes and CSR activities to find out more about its organisational culture.

Q: How has the Deloitte experience been for you?

AT: I had numerous opportunities to experience how auditing is really like outside of the school. For example, I had to carry out inventory stock count and statutory audit on my own even though it was the first time for me. It was an important responsibility entrusted to me, and I had to make sure I did not miss out anything.

In the workplace, you are responsible for the work you do. You have to take the initiative to ask your seniors for any questions that you are unsure of. It might be intimidating at first as everything is new, but it is part of the learning process. It’s better to ask for help, than to end up doing the wrong thing!

Q: Was it all work during your time at Deloitte?

AT: Over my two-month experience at Deloitte, I was able to participate in many team bonding activities such as the Christmas gift exchange party and a candle-making workshop. These activities not only allowed me to experience the friendly Deloitte culture, but also allowed me to network with the senior staff.

Aside from audit work, I was given the opportunity to manage Deloitte’s Instagram and Snapchat account for a week, and contribute to showing the culture and work experience at Deloitte from a perspective of an intern.

Candle-making workshop during Christmas

Q: What’s next for you after your internship?

AT: I am looking to apply for more internships in various fields over the course of my study in school. This will definitely help me find out what my interests are, and experience different corporate cultures. I am currently on my Student Exchange Programme in Maastricht University, Netherlands – and this is again, a totally different experience that is invaluable to student life.

Q: How would you summarise your internship experience at Deloitte?

AT: The internship is definitely an important step to figure out where my passion lies. Accumulating these experiences would factor in my career development and ambitions.