NUS MBA 01 February 2018

Going around the world with NUS MBA

The NUS MBA programme gives you the chance to spend a semester abroad at one of 62 top universities worldwide. The experience will expose you to new cultures, political systems and economic environments, and widen your perspectives of international business.

NUS partner schools are members of the prestigious Partner in International Management consortium, an international network of the leading business schools. Member schools reflect the highest standards of management education excellence and deliver a high-calibre MBA or equivalent degree in management.

Here’s a look at where some of our MBA Class of 2018 students did their exchange programmes last semester:

Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

Tanya Sheoran says, “Stockholm is called the world’s smallest big city for all the right reasons. The cultural scene is vibrant, people are warm and welcoming, seasons change beautifully, and the city is an urban planner’s dream. It’s so easy to call this place home!”

University of Texas at Austin, USA

Sherman Chien (left) encourages others to apply for the US Top 16 MBA program – UT Austin McCombs MBA and get the great and unique experience in Texas!


HEC Paris, France

“While the world is dominated by the two strongest power countries from the east and west, come to the middle-earth world and see how it strives to survive and evolve,” muses Chieh-An Yu.


London Business School, UK

Irati Cabello Artamendi says,”Come and enjoy the vibrant life of amazing London at LBS, one of the top 6 business schools in the world!”


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