Biz Sch News 13 March 2014

Getting to Know: Christopher Chong

In our ‘Getting To Know’ Series, we regularly feature staff, students, and other community members of NUS Business School, who make us who we are – you know, the ordinary people who make an extraordinary difference to our culture. 

It is no secret that communication between the media and organisations has assumed much greater importance in today’s day and age, due to the evolving media landscape. This is why Christopher Chong tries to keep his mobile phone close at all times, even after dinner and on weekends.

As a senior manager of media relations in the School’s Corporate Communications office, Christopher serves as the main point of contact between the School and journalists, playing one of the key PR roles in the Corporate Communications team. This lesser-known employee (well, not anymore) is responsible for making many at the School famous by getting them media coverage.

We could go on and on, but at the risk of sounding biased (he is, after all, one of our team mates), let us hear directly from Christopher. And, ‘no comment’ was not an option in our interview.


Name: Christopher Chong

Role & Department: Senior Manager, Media Relations, Corporate Communications. I am the liaison between journalists and NUS Business School.

No. of years of service: 3 years

Family:  A loving wife and an active toddler

Describe yourself in three words: Jovial, random and principled

My all-time dream is: For the annual transboundary haze affecting this region to be permanently eradicated. On a related note, I also dream that one day, everyone will do his/her small part to fight climate change, which is unfortunately still seen as a distant problem by many.

Random fact about me: I cook occasionally for my family and thankfully, haven’t burnt down the kitchen.

Coolest thing/fact about my team/department is: The teamwork and impromptu debates over current affairs during lunches!

Three things I love about my job: Meeting diverse people, including journalists, counterparts at other organisations, and various members from the School community. Having great colleagues and a good working environment are definitely big benefits.

During weekends I love to: Be with my family, catch up on sleep, and hang out with long-time friends

Best advice to my co-workers: Perhaps this could be an advice for me too: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Christopher Chong is a senior media relations manager in the Corporate Communications Office of NUS Business School and has been on both ‘sides’ of the industry over the past decade. He has done TV and radio, and prior to joining the School, he managed PR for a statutory board. If PR is your thing, or if you are just interested to learn more about him, drop him a note at .