Biz Sch News 07 February 2014

Getting to Know: Candy J Tan

In our ‘Getting To Know’ Series, we regularly feature staff, students, and other community members of NUS Business School, who make us who we are – you know, the ordinary people who make an extraordinary difference to our culture. 

Don’t let her quiet demeanour and soft voice fool you. Candy Tan, the Assistant Manager in the Development office at NUS Business School, and two of her colleagues, are passionate about raising funds to support students, faculty research, professorships, and research centres. In short, they handle a key strategic area for the School: donor relations.

So, if your study expenses at the School are covered through a scholarship or you’ve made a highly subsidised  international exchange trip that you could’nt have afforded otherwise, Candy is one of the people you need to thank. We sat down with this mum-to-be to get to know her better:


Name: Candy J Tan

Role & Department: Assistant Manager, Development Office. I help in all fund-raising activities and manage donor relations.

No. of years of service: 14 months (started end of 2012)

Family:  I have a loving and supportive husband. We’re expecting our first child in the middle of this year, so we’re both very excited and looking forward to the new addition to our family!

Describe yourself in three words: Friendly, jovial and considerate

My all-time dream is: To build a legacy that is meaningful, such that it will inspire my kids to do the same or even better.

Random fact about me: I can be quite impromptu and sometimes I surprise myself. I’ll embark on a two-month project, perhaps just after an idea that struck me during shower.

Coolest thing/fact about my team/department is: My team is very small, and we’re like a family. Although we’re all women at different stages in our lives, we’re able to amuse and amaze each other. We love sharing the happenings in our daily lives as well as learning from each other.

Three things I love about my job: By virtue of my job, I love that I get to meet a lot of people, at all levels from all industries, most of whom are leaders in their own right.  I learn a lot. Also, it is motivating to realise that I can make a significant difference in someone’s life, be it a donor or student. Through my experience so far, I’ve realised that there are actually many people who care about the greater good.

During weekends I love to: Run errands and spend time with my adorable nephew and niece.

Best advice to my co-workers: Be positive. Persevere and work hard, as I believe hard work will eventually pay off – especially true for my kind of work.


Candy is an Assistant Manager in the Development Office of NUS Business School. She has worked in FMCG sector for seven years prior to joining the School. Drop a line at if you want to connect