Biz Sch News 29 September 2014

Celebrating a Gift of Hope

A group of 37 students from our Asia-Pacific Executive MBA created history by becoming the first class to raise over $400,000 for undergraduate bursaries. Referred to as APEX-E22, the class becomes the first to have a bursary named after it.  The Apex E22 Endowment Bursary will help about eight undergraduates every year, in perpetuity.

GANO APEX E22 Bursary

The idea to raise funds for needy students first struck the team on a bus-ride during a field-trip. The group brainstormed the possibilities of such an initiative, debated the pros and cons, and determined where the funds will be used. Alicia Choo, one of the students of APEX-E22, led the fundraising drive, with help from all 34 classmates and two alumni from Asia-Pacific EMBA (Chinese, 2012).

GANO Dinner017 (2)

Together, the class exceeded its target of $150,000, raising a total of $161,393. After the government matching (1:1.5), the total bursary amounts to over $400,000. In appreciation for the team’s remarkable feat, the School’s Global Alumni Network Association (GANO) hosted an appreciation dinner recently to celebrate the achievement.

GANO Dinner015 (2)

“Giving is very personal. Yet, as diverse as we are as individuals and the causes we believe in, we came together for education and made the Apex E22 Endowment Bursary a reality. We have two things to be proud of today: We have left a legacy within these institution walls and we made history by being the first APEX class to have a bursary named after us,” said Alicia Choo. “I thank all of you and your supportive families for buying into the idea and donating generously to this effort.” She also credited her uncle, Seah Cheng San, an NUS MBA alumnus, for being her inspiration through his relentless efforts to help needy students.


“On behalf of the School, I thank the APEX-E22 class for this stupendous effort that’ll last for generations to come. You leave behind a strong legacy and demonstrated that you care for the next generation,” said Deputy Dean and Associate Professor Hum Sin Hoon.

Care is one of the School’s core values and such initiatives reflect the true spirit of the School community.

Watch this beautiful photo journey of the class played during the dinner. To learn more about our APEX-E programme, click here