NUS MBA 05 February 2014

“We’re really excited!”: Graduate Office on the latest FT Rankings

Rankings are synonymous with business education. Whether you’re working or studying in a business school, rankings inadvertently become part of the B-school experience as it’s probably the closest we can get to a quantifiable measurement on quality education.

FTsmallThat’s why we celebrate the latest findings in the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings for 2014 released end January. In it the NUS MBA climbed four places to 32nd rank, becoming the highest-ranked MBA programme offered by a Singaporean business school. It ranked 10th for International Mobility, and moved up 12 places to 19th in the world for International Experience, reflecting the diversity of the programme and global exposure it offers to our students.

For our students, the most encouraging finding was the increase in post-MBA salaries – 147% on average – over pre-MBA salaries. To us, it is a validation of the reputation the NUS MBA brand carries.

While our alumni are no doubt key to rankings surveys like this, the School staff are equally crucial, forming the backbone as they work round the year to make the rankings possible. They’re also the ones constantly striving to deliver more on the programme.



It was quite natural therefore to check in with our colleagues on what they thought of the latest rankings. Here’re their responses:

“Thank you, Class of 2010! Because you have done well & participated in good faith in the rankings survey, that we are up four ranks this year! *Now looking at the upcoming MBA & EMBA cohorts to fly the flag of NUS Business School even higher!* 🙂 加油!“

Chua Nan Sze, Marie-Antonie, Director, Graduate Studies

“Having worked in the heart of the NUS Business School has given me the chance to witness firsthand just what makes the NUS MBA such a quality offering.  However, it is always delightful to receive external validation of your good work – especially when it comes from such a credible source as the FT rankings!”

Karen Boh, Manager of Admissions

“I am so excited, especially when our MBA programme moved up to 12 places to 19th globally for International Experience! That excites me the most! While managing the exchange programme, it feels great to be part of something that students enjoy the most! Students should all gear up for the exchange programme, study trips, case competitions and everything that we offer! Make the best of the MBA programme and let’s soar further to greater heights!’

Zahira Nawi, Manager, NUS MBA Student Exchange

We hope that this spirit and teamwork continue to make a difference in the School’s annual rankings! Congratulations to the NUS MBA team!

For the full ranking list, click here. For more information about the NUS MBA, click here.