Biz Sch News 17 August 2014

Faculty Promotions and Appointments

New academic year brings new appointments and promotions. Congratulations to the following professors for their appointments and promotions!

sumit aggarwalProfessor Sumit Agarwal has been appointed as the Low Tuck Kwong Professor, with effect from 7 July, for a term of five years. Donated by Dato’ Low Tuck Kwong, Founder and Chairman of PT Bayan Resources, the endowed professorship was established to appoint a leading academic who has demonstrated excellence and has been internationally recognised in the fields of finance, accounting or business strategy. In addition to excelling in finance, Professor Sumit also has a strong interest in sustainability and how it applies to urban planning. He has attained international visibility due to his comprehensive research output, as well as his interesting, rigorous and relevant scholarship.

david reebProfessor David Mitchell Reeb has been appointed as the Mr & Mrs Lin Jo Yan Professor in Banking and Finance, with effect from 7 July, for a term of five years. This appointment is in recognition of Prof David’s outstanding and impactful research on family-controlled, publicly-traded firms, which encompasses financial markets and financial disclosure. He has been consistently recognised for his academic contributions as well as excellence in teaching. Professor David was previously nominated for the American University Professor of the Year award for excellence in teaching.

teo chung piawProfessor Teo Chung Piaw has been appointed as Provost’s Chair with effect from 7 August, for a term of three years. Provost’s chair appointments are awarded to selected faculty members in recognition of their outstanding and impactful scholarly accomplishments which are internationally acknowledged. His research focuses on service and manufacturing flexibility, discrete optimization, container port operations, matching and exchange, and healthcare. He has also served on several international committees.

Professor Vivien Lim, from the Department of Management and Organisation vivien limhas been promoted to Full Professor with effect from 1 July. Dr Vivien is a leading scholar in the areas of information technology work, job insecurity and workplace misbehaviours and is a recipient of numerous research awards at the faculty and international levels. She has also received numerous teaching awards. As a three-time winner of the Annual Teaching Excellence Award, she has been placed on the University’s Teaching Honour Roll. She is the Deputy Head of the Department of Management and Organisation and Editor-in-Chief of Applied Psychology: An International Review.


Dr Jumana Zahalka has been appointed as Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Academic) with effect from 1 July. Dr Jumana holds a PhD in finance and her research interests include corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and private equity. She has taken over from Associate Professor Yeo Wee Yong.

In addition, Associate Professor Ravi Chandran has been re-appointed as Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Academic) for another term.