Biz Sch News 18 August 2016

Professor Michael Frese Recognised for a Lifetime of Dedication to Entrepreneurship

Professor Michael Frese, Provost’s Chair and Head of Management and Organisation, was recently awarded The Dedication to Entrepreneurship Award, the Academy of Management’s highest award in the Entrepreneurship Division . The Award recognises a small number of individuals and organisations who have made extraordinary, long-term contributions that advance the mission and interests of the Division.


(L-R) Awardees Bill Gartner, Candida Brush, Michael Frese; and Harry Sapienza (Presenter of the award and head of the award committee)

Professor Frese was recognised for his exceptional contribution to advancement of the field of entrepreneurship. His research and teaching in this subject  has been effective for growing the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management as well. He, along with his co-authors, was also awarded the Greif Award for the Most Impactful Paper by the same Division in 2015 for his paper, “Entrepreneurial Orientation and Business Performance: Assessment of Past Research and Suggestions for the Future” published in 2009 in Entrepreneurial Theory and Practice.

After a thorough review of nominations by a special committee, winners were announced in May. Professor Michael Frese was presented with a plaque in last week at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management in the USA.

Congratulations, Professor Frese!