Biz Sch News 29 March 2017

Faculty Awards 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Research Excellence and 2015/2016 Teaching Excellence Awards at the Faculty level. These awards honour and recognise members of our community who, through their performance and commitment, set new benchmarks in research and teaching.

Dean Bernard Yeung and the award recipients

NUS Business School Research Excellence Awards

Professor Oliver Li Zhen (Department of Accounting)

Oliver has published 15 papers since joining us in 2011, with nine of them found in tier one research publications. He is known for his pioneering work in two emerging areas of accounting research – corporate social responsibility and extensible business reporting language (XBRL).

Oliver’s works carry broader implication as he publishes papers in both Accounting and in Finance disciplines. The most significant aspect of Oliver’s work is that his most recent top-tier publications are all with his NUS PhD students, demonstrating his strong mentorship skills.

Oliver is currently an editor for The Accounting Review, one of the most prestigious accounting publications in the world. He is also on the editorial board of several other top tier journals.

Associate Professor Song Zhaoli (Department of Management and Organisation)

Zhaoli has published 17 papers since joining NUS in 2004, with nine placed in tier one publications. He is well regarded as a leading scholar in the application of behavioural genetics in the study of organisational behaviour. He has also contributed to the advancement of experience sampling methodologies for longitudinal research within the fields of organisational behaviour and entrepreneurship.

Zhaoli’s work has made important contributions to the field of organisational behaviour, thus raising the international visibility of NUS.  It has also helped to secure S$1 million in grant funding.

He is well-regarded as a mentor to PhD students. Zhaoli involves many of them in his ongoing research projects, accelerating their learning through involvement in various aspects of research design, data collection and reporting.

Both Oliver and Zhaoli have been nominated for the Outstanding Researcher Award at the University level.

NUS Business School Early Career Research Excellence Awards

Assistant Professor Sam Yam (Department of Management and Organisation)

Despite being only 27, Sam has published eight papers and already is a prolific scholar. His research is on behavioural ethics and leadership in organisations. In particular, his work on the dynamics of psychological depletion and their effects on unethical behaviour in the workplace has been recognised for its quality and has received two best paper awards from the Academy of Management. Due to the practical relevance of his research, his commentaries have been well-received by the media.

Sam was also recently identified by Poets and Quants as one of the top 40 business professors under 40 years of age.

Assistant Professor Zhang Yan (Department of Marketing)

Yan has published nine papers in top-tier journals about the intersecting areas of social psychology and consumer judgment and decision-making.

An expert in gifting behaviours, many of her papers are featured in psychology journals, an indication of how she can relate business marketing research to behavioural study. Some of these papers have attracted substantial media attention.

She actively mentors many junior PhD and Masters students and has been recognised as among the most influential business professors aged 40 and under by the Singapore Business Review this year.

Both Sam and Yan are nominees for the Young Researcher Award at the University Level.

NUS Business School Teaching Excellence Awards

This award is given by the School to recognise our educators who facilitate learning even outside the boundaries of their specific disciplines and professions. They help students to acquire not only discipline-specific knowledge and abilities, but also a strong sense of community, pursuit of excellence as well as commitment to innovation, leadership and care. Here are the recipients who have demonstrated a very high level of commitment to, and achievement of, good teaching: