ACSEP 13 February 2019

Exploring family philanthropy in Singapore

Recently, 115 participants attended the Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (ACSEP)’s event A Conversation on Family Philanthropy that launched the 5th applied research paper in its Philanthropy in Asia Series “Exploring Family Philanthropy in Singapore”.

Authored by ACSEP researcher Dr June Lee, “Exploring Family Philanthropy in Singapore” discusses the essence of family philanthropy through interviews with philanthropists from various family foundations.

The event opened with a presentation of study’s highlights by Dr Lee and was followed by a discussion panel of family foundation leaders including Dr Mary Ann Tsao of Tsao Foundation, Mr Laurence Lien of Lien Foundation, and Dr Sumitra Aswani of Ishk Tolaram Foundation.

The panellists shared their insights from personal and family philanthropy, their aspirations, challenges faced and how these challenges have been addressed.

The attendees commended the candidness of the panellists, who shared the giving journey of the foundations over generations.

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