Biz Alumni 17 November 2016

Experiential learning at local and regional competitions

NUS Business School students and alumni participate various international and local case competitions and hackathons. These events give them the opportunity to apply the knowledge they acquired in school and solve real-world business challenges.

Team charts new growth strategies for China Mobile

Team oG Capital clinched the top spot at the Asia Investment Banking Conference HSBC M&A Case Study Competition. Led by Chris Chng (BBA Year 3), the team consists of Andy Soh (BBA Year 3 and Engineering Year 4), Szeto Kah Keong (BBA Year 2) and Goh Chong Wei (Engineering Year 2).

This year, some 60 teams were challenged to identify the UK firms that China Mobile can acquire to expand its business. oG Capital impressed the judges with its realistic valuation assumptions and clarity in transaction reasoning.

HSBC M&A Case Competition team picture

The champions! From left: Chris, Chong Wei and Kah Keong with executives from AIBC, CAIA Association and HSBC.

Winning a hackathon with augmented reality

Suphasak Udomkichdecha (BAC Year 3 Hons) and Rafikah Halim (BBA Year 3 Hons) teamed up with three students from the School of Computing (SOC) to beat some 70 international teams to win the API World Hackathon 2016 in Silicon Valley, US.

Both students are in Silicon Valley as part of the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) programme, which provides students with the opportunity to work with innovative start-ups or high-growth companies and study at renowned partner universities at one of nine entrepreneurial hotspots across the globe.

Challenged to create software-based services that offer personalised interaction with customers, the team designed an augmented reality app that recommends to the user what to wear based on the individual’s personality and preference.

API World Hackathon 2016 Winning Pic 2
From left: Sponsor representative Andrea Stubbe, Mai Anh Vu (SOC), Rafikah, Cheah Kit Weng (SOC) and Suphasak clinched the grand prize of US$10,000 with their app. Not in the picture: Chua Si Hao (SOC).

Team builds a high-flying case for Seletar Aerospace Park

Nicholas Chan (BBA and Economics Year 3), Belmen Woo (BBA Year 3) and Bryan Teo (BBA Year 1) became champions at the inaugural JTC Case Challenge 2016. Tasked with creating a plan that encourages greater interaction and collaboration among companies at Seletar Aerospace Park, the team proposed an innovation centre that focuses on start-up incubation and acceleration, consulting and professional development. The judges praised the students’ creative recommendations and in-depth analysis on the proposal’s feasibility.

JTC Case Challenge win 1

From left: Bryan, Nicholas and Belmen.

BAC students crowned champions at enterprise resource planning competition in Singapore

Ng Zheng Wei, Pok Yuen Ping, Raffles Ng Phor Chuan, Samuel Yip Jing Han and Shanny Rosyawan (all BAC Year 3) beat 11 other teams to become champions at the Singapore playoffs of the Enterprise Resource Management Challenge (ERMC) 2016. This competition requires participants to run businesses using an enterprise resource planning software in a simulated gaming environment. The team did well at the subsequent Southeast Asia edition of the ERMC, grabbing the consolation and best presenter awards. Senior Lecturer Susan See Tho from the Department of Accounting was the faculty advisor.

ERMC Sg comp win











From left: Raffles, Shanny, Samuel, Susan, Yuen Ping and Zhen Wei.

BAC student team makes excellent debut at SMU tax competition

Battling against some 40 teams, Shaun Tan Wei Wen, Er Yuan Zhi, Clarissa Yeo and Shane Chen Sheng Hui (all BAC Year 2) of Team Taxists came in fourth at the SMU Tax Case Challenge 2016. At the third and final round, the team had to prepare for a presentation on corporate structuring in just 1.5 hours. The team also had to deal with the challenge of having to study for subjects that they have not been taught, just to prepare for the competition. According to faculty advisor Associate Professor Simon Poh from the Department of Accounting, it was the first competition that the students of Team Taxists had participated.

SMU Tax case challenge 2016 BAC 4th place

From left: Simon, Shaun, Yuan Zhi, Clarissa and Shane.

There were five more BAC student teams that took part in the competition. They are:

Team Tax-men

From left: Simon with Team Tax-men (Raffles Ng Phor Chuan, Pok Yuen Ping, Marcus Ang Chun Xun and Joel Choo Jun Jia).

Team Taxus

From right: Chew Wei Chun of Team Taxus who collected the prize on behalf of his team, with SMU representative.

Team 3605
Simon with Matthew Hou and Elizabeth Tan representing Team 3605

Team Taxwits

From left: Competition judge Tan Siau Yan of IRAS with Team Taxwits (represented by Tan Shi Ying, Low Jie Ying and Emily Chng Hsin Ying)

Team Tax4Lyfe
From left: Siau Yan with Team Tax4Lyfe (represented by Brenda Teo Min Hui)

Alumni team impresses at IRAS software competition

Our alumni also do well in competitions even after graduation. Sim Kwang Wei (BBA 2014) and Shawn Tan (BBA 2015 Hons) won the award for Best Start-Up at the inaugural IRAS Hackathon. Contestants are invited to come up with new taxpayer-centred solutions for individual and businesses. The team’s winning entry is a software that sends automated reminders and filing instructions.  It even provides tips on tax adjustment. IRAS was so impressed with the team that they have been invited to collaborate with the government agency for future projects.

IRAS hackathon 2016 Motra

From left: Shawn and Kwang Wei