NUS BBA 11 June 2018

Collaborating with Conrad Centennial Singapore

From left: Heinrich Grafe (General Manager, Conrad Centennial Singapore), NUS BBA FSP Team Toh Kai Yun, Chau Pearlsi, Dr Wu Pei Chuan, Adelyn Toh Xin Ee, and Tan Nabilah Ismail together with Naomi Lee (HR Manager), Peter Toi (Director of Finance) and Christoph Dueker (Director of Operations)

Field service projects (FSPs) allow our undergraduates to work directly with businesses through consulting practicums.  It gives our students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to solve an actual business challenge, and a taste of what it is like working with organisations that span from start-ups to multinationals.

NUS BBA Year 4 Honours students Toh Kai Yun, Chau Pearlsi, Adelyn Toh Xin Ee, and Tan Nabilah Ismail, together with their supervisor Dr Wu Pei Chuan, recently worked with Conrad Centennial Singapore to address critical recruitment issues that have been challenging the organisation.

“It was certainly interesting as we had to plan and collect data from various stakeholders. We also needed to make sure the data points were valid and reliable to carefully analyse the problem and propose justifiable solutions that would alleviate the situation for the organisation,” said Nabilah.

The FSP allowed the students to utilise their skills and the Talent/HR management concepts learnt in our Management & Organisation classes. The team was heartened to see how well received their efforts were, and how encouraging Conrad Centennial Singapore’s management team was.

“The positive response has made us realise that young students like us are able to contribute in a meaningful way. I am glad that our fresh perspectives could shed light on creative recruitment issues for the organisation”, Nabilah added.

Furthermore, the FSP honed our students’ soft skills, such as communication and coordination, as these are essential aspects for effective teamwork within the group, as well as with the client.

Overall, this meaningful and rewarding journey allowed the team to see the strategic importance of Talent/HR management and of satisfied people in a successful organisation.

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