Biz Sch News 22 December 2014

Gifting a Wish

Our ‘Gift A Wish’ initiative made the wishes of some 50 children at the Arc Children’s Centre come true this holiday season.

Through a donation drive organised by the School’s social committee, the team used the funds to bring smiles to these children with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.

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“The time spent at Arc Children’s Centre was nothing short of heart-warming. Seeing the delighted expressions on each child’s face, and receiving their warm hugs of gratitude for the gifts made the weeks of preparation fully worthwhile,” says Loh Hui Xian, Assistant Manager (Marketing & Outreach) for NUS BBA and one of the team members of the project. “It has been a great privilege extending love and generosity to these children during this Christmas season, and I look forward to more of such opportunities in future.”


The team solicited donations to fulfil wishes of the children through Christmas gifts and organised a visit to the Centre. Joined by other staff members of the School, children participated in fun activities and games before they were presented the gifts during the visit.

“One of the goals of our CSR sub-committee is to find meaningful projects that give back to the community and bring together our staff and faculty members with a shared sense of purpose. I was impressed with the enthusiastic participation and support from everyone at the School, through donations and visit to Arc Children’s Centre. All of us, including the children, enjoyed thoroughly,” says Verity Thoi, Social Committee Chair who spearheaded the project.

“It was a truly gratifying experience and an excellent example of team-work. The CSR sub-committee (comprising of Julie Huan, Loh Hui Xian, Jess Chwee and Khyati Mehta) worked tirelessly till the completion of the project,” adds Verity.


“We are very happy to share the festive joy and celebrations through this project. The Arc Children’s Centre was selected for its dedication and meaningful work to nurture and enrich the lives of the children, while also providing much needed support to their loved ones. The Centre’s mission resonates with the School’s core values of care and excellence. I thank our CSR team for its efforts in getting this project off the ground, and to all who have contributed.  Thank you all for your generosity,” says Tay Kuan Ming, Associate Dean (Administration) of the School, who joined the visit.

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The Centre expressed gratitude for the kind gesture. Said Geraldine Teo, Co-founder and Centre Manager, “The Arc children were indeed delighted with all the fun activities and the best was receiving their Christmas presents. It was such a thrill to see our youngest Arc child receive the biggest present of the day! Well done NUS Business School for bringing so much joy and happiness to the children who are battling cancer.”

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“It is in giving that we receive. I’ve been touched by the warm generosity of my colleagues – those who donated, those who took time to visit the children and those who supported the project in whatever way they could,” adds Julie Huan Li Yueh, Senior Lecturer and team member of the project. 

To view more photos of this visit, click here.

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