Executive MBA 20 March 2014

Latest talk on ‘Chindia Rising’

To succeed in two of the fastest growing economies of the world, China and India, companies need to think local and act global, instead of vice versa, according to the best-selling author, thought leader and a renowned expert on ‘Chindia’, Dr Jagdish Sheth.

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In the latest talk in NUS Asian Business series, the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Emory University, Atlanta, and author of ‘Chindia Rising: Implications for Global Competitiveness,’ shared insights about the forces driving global economic growth today, differences between China and India, and key requirements to succeed in these two emerging markets. Citing statistics from research conducted by Boston Consulting Group, Dr Sheth suggested 10 key strategies for organisations to succeed in ‘Chindia,’ including reinventing packing and distribution, implementing reverse innovation, focusing on fusion, and leveraging new media.


He shared several case studies and examples to an enthusiastic audience of more than 200 participants, in response to a range of questions in the Q&A session following the talk, which was moderated by Associate Professor and Academic Director, Asia-Pacific EMBA (English) Prem Shamdasani.  Dean Bernard Yeung gave the closing remarks.