Biz Alumni 22 June 2017

CEMS is a multicultural and rewarding experience

CEMS is a global alliance of leading business schools, multinational companies (MNCs), and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). This global pre-experience master’s programme emphasises on interpersonal and leadership skills where students get to spend one semester each in two CEMS partner universities.

Alumna Nikita Shirodkar, class of 2016, tells us why MSc and CEMS broaden her worldview, and even led her to her current job at Universum, Sweden.

Nikita (centre) at her graduation ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden

I had a tough choice to make back then. It was between NUS Business School and a prestigious university in London. Both universities were internationally competitive and renowned for their academic excellence.

In the end, I felt NUS Business School had a stronger growing network of future leaders that would enable my interest in entrepreneurship. Amidst the innovation and boom that the Singapore ecosystem has built, NUS has been pivotal in pioneering and launching a number of clubs, programmes and seminars which may potentially uncover and inspire the entrepreneur in you. I am happy to have made this decision that unlocked many more possibilities than I could possibly imagine.

My time at NUS Business School cannot be simply describe with a “start” and “end”. It turned out to be a continuous and self-revivifying development process. Beyond the strong knowledge base built from a wide range of courses, I was exposed to new ways of thinking that helped foster personal growth and broaden horizons.

Moreover, the multicultural CEMS experience is a true testament to the ROI of International Management education. I spent each day brainstorming and collaborating with diverse, talented and driven peers from over 40 nationalities who constantly push me further – to see my abilities for what they truly are.

I had a chance to intern in the Singapore office of Universum, and was also involved in multiple applied student projects such as Salesforce, Daymon, Air France and KLM. These gave me hands-on experience and a lot of practical knowledge relevant to the business world. After 18 months of joy and struggle, I can say that it was a truly rewarding experience!

My journey has instilled in me this never-ending desire to expand my multicultural experiences – From India to Singapore, Spain, France and now Sweden. If you let it, this programme will teach you a lot about yourself – how you can be pushed with the strengths and passions you didn’t know you had, and how you can take ownership of your future.

Nikita (left) and fellow classmates at NUS Business School

What I hold close to my heart is the people – the connections that I built overtime also helped me get closer to my dreams, and they happen to be the people with whom I work and learn, even today!

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